Hi, I’m Richard.
an experienced and passionate photographer dedicated to capturing life's special moments. With years of experience in the field of photography, I've had the opportunity to explore and immerse myself in the diverse world of this art form.
Through my refined lens, I'm not just a photographer, but also a creative storyteller, capturing and recreating the emotions and unforgettable moments of life. With a strong command of both digital and film cameras, I ensure that each photograph I create is not merely an image but a work of art, evoking deep feelings and preserving memories for a lifetime.
I draw inspiration from the words of Steve McCurry, who said, 'Photography is a powerful medium for storytelling.' I believe that every photograph tells a beautiful story, and I'm committed to delivering the finest works of art, each narrating the unique story of its subject.
Allow me to accompany you in capturing life's most memorable moments.
Contact with me: +84 777 88 22 39 
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